Kate Middleton in her most casual version

The suitcases for the official visits of royalty abroad are made in detail, leaving nothing to chance and with special meanings behind each garment. For sample, the looks that the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, has taken during his trip to Belize, Jamaica and Bahamas in the framework of Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee. In each of these countries, she has not only shown his personal style, but has adapted it to the needs of the climate in the Caribbean, as well as to the different scenarios that she has visited. She has gone from dancing at a local festival to visiting the Mayan ruins of Caracol in Belize, without missing the two gala appearances that we have already seen on this trip. Of course, the messages through the wardrobe have not been lacking, from some pieces made by local firms, colors that emulate the range of vibrant shades of the Caribbean, to jewelry that comes directly from the Queen’s trunk, without missing the nod to the monarch. and the gifts she received when she visited these countries. But not everything is protocol, and there are occasions that give one or another freedom, as happened this afternoon in the Bahamas. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have participated in the Bahamas Platinum Jubilee Sailing Regatta in Montagu Bay and have given themselves completely to the activity in their most casual looks.

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Not even the rain takes away Kate’s smile and style in the Bahamas

With everything and a tribute to the Queen with her look, Kate says goodbye to Jamaica

Fortunately, the rain that greeted them this morning in their first commitment of the day has disappeared and they have been able to take their shorts and Bermuda shorts out of their suitcase to comfortably participate in the regatta. Although it is not the first time that the Duke and Duchess have taken part in an event like this since their wedding, it is the first time that they have done so in a tropical destination, which has given some permissions that had not been granted. given, such as lighter clothing that will allow them to enjoy the activity more easily.

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The most comfortable looks of the Dukes on this trip

While the Prince chose navy blue Bermuda shorts in contrast to a royal blue shirt and comfortable boat shoes – a separate mention to his muscular legs that have become a topic of conversation on the networks -, the Duchess was smart in a very Simple and easy to emulate. Accustomed to wearing skirt length below the knee as dictated by the unwritten rules of royalty, it is very rare to see Kate in a short garment, such as the shorts she wore this afternoon. The Duchess has combined them with a white polo shirt with navy blue details on the neck and sleeves from the Gill nautical firm that is priced at $50 (something like $998 Mexican pesos). To stylize her figure, she wore a brown braided belt, apparently the Neston model from Hobbs that we have seen in white since 2012, and betting on comfort, she wore her traditional white tennis shoes from Superga model Cotu for 65 dollars (around $1,298 pesos Mexicans). As accessories for her, she wore her discreet gold earrings with diamonds by Kiki McDonough, which although she usually wears with pearls, this time she wore it alone.

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Kate gives a twist to her smart look by adding the color that has characterized her trip to the Caribbean

Perhaps taking precautions in case they were caught in the rain again like this morning, Kate wore her hair parted in the middle, loose and straight—letting it take its shape naturally. Upon boarding the boat, she could pick it up behind her in a low tail. The final touch of this simple look was given by the dark glasses of the Dukes. Unexpectedly, at the end of the regatta, the rain caught up with the Cambridges again, and completely drenched – the Duchess wearing a waterproof jacket and both wearing caps – but with big smiles, the couple bid the place farewell.

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