Kate Middleton is looking for an assistant and offers 57 thousand pesos a month

Real employment: Kate Middleton seeks an assistant and offers 57 thousand pesos a month. If you like topics related to the royal family and are looking for a job or want a change of scenery, perhaps this is the ideal job for you. The position was posted on LinkedIn because the family has an interest in workplace inclusion and their only goal is to get the “best talent” because the Duchess of Cambridge requires someone with good writing and organization.

The vacancy was shared publicly through the job platform LinkedIn because the royal family has a special interest in the labor inclusionso that the only objective is to find the “best talent, regardless of gender, race, ethnic origin, disability, religion, sexual orientation or age”.

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According to the digital magazine Who and the RSVP Online portal, the Kate Middleton’s new assistant will have various functions among which the following stand out: organize meetings, handle various contacts, write down minutes, monitor emails and phone calls and organize trips.

Therefore, candidates are required to have good writing and organizationThey must also be aware of “the diversity of communities in the UK, the Commonwealth and the world”. They are also expected to have administrative experience, be tech savvy, type 60 words per minute, have excellent interpersonal skills, and have proven experience of working with a variety of people.

As the personal assistant will be in charge of keeping the Duchess of Cambridge’s private agenda, it is also emphasized that applicants have common sense, initiative, and self-motivation, but above all iinterest in the activities of the royal family and discretion with information to which you will have access.

The person who gets the job will work 37.5 hours a week and for that you will receive a monthly salary of 57 thousand pesos, in addition to having the benefits of law. In the case of the United Kingdom, Social Security benefits cover the following: unemployment, illness, disability, accidents at work, occupational diseases, maternity and retirement.

Besides, the European Union Working Time Directive indicates that the maximum work limit per week is 48 hours, 11 hours of continuous rest per day, a break when the day is longer than six hours, at least one day of rest per week and four weeks of vacation per year , indicates the UK Destination portal.

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Undoubtedly, this is a job opportunity, especially for those who are interested in the issues of the royal family, since they will work directly with Kate Middleton, who is one of the most important figures in the kensington palace.

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