Kate Moss: her daughter Lila, 19, swings… “She is old, boring, and hangs out in her tracksuit all the time”

For her first interview in British Vogue to be published on April 26, Lila Moss opened up about growing up alongside her mother Kate Moss, and made some spicy secrets.

If children can be a joy at all times, some give their parents nightmares. And whether we are Kate Moss does not prevent you from experiencing it. The model has certainly learned the hard way, since her daughter, Lilac, indulged in British Vogue, and the 19-year-old has never been kind to her mother. The teenager, who has just posed for his very first one in the British edition of the magazine to be published in digital version tomorrow, Tuesday April 26, made some very caustic confidences to the journalist who interviewed him.

Asked about her education by one of the greatest models on the planet, Lila Moss first balances on her mother’s wardrobe: “She doesn’t have a good selection of joggers. She only has pajamas. She probably wouldn’t like me to say that. She doesn’t want anyone to know she’s wearing sweatpants.“. And to continue about what she answered when, younger, her comrades spoke to her about her mother, “You don’t really have a filter when you’re young, and I was like, ‘How do you know who she is? She is old! Old and boring!“. A quote shared by The Sun that Kate Moss will appreciate.

Kate Moss, a vigilant mother

But if the young model, from the love of Kate Moss and Jefferson Hack, founder of the magazine Dazed, seems to make life difficult for her parent, it is not so. Lila Grace, who already walks the catwalks with her mother, recognizes that the latter would have warned her when she let her know that she wanted to walk in her footsteps. “She always said ‘If you want to do it, you can do it, but I don’t recommend it.’“, adds the young woman, who signed in 2019 in the agency founded by her mother. Spotted at 15, Kate Moss, known for her tumultuous life, would indeed have often insisted that her daughter not follow in her footsteps. The latter is already one of the most popular names in modeling, and seems to be taking charge, something to reassure her mother somewhat.


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