Kate Moss: Party Girl? Daughter Lila jokes: “She’s old and boring”

The British Kate Moss (48) has not only had a breathtaking career as a supermodel since the late 1980s, but has also developed a reputation as a real party girl. She beamed at parties and also spoke vigorously to the alcohol. As her daughter Lila Grace Moss (19) now reports in an interview with British “Vogue”, little is left of the party-mad Kate. Today the model takes it easy – at least at home.

In the video above you can see daughter Lila Grace as a star at Fashion Week.

Daughter of Kate Moss remembers her childhood

Lila Grace Moss reveals she was around eight years old when she first realized her mother’s celebrity status. “That’s when I realized the paparazzi thing, they were interested in her for some reason,” she recalls in the interview published on vogue.co.uk. Later she went to secondary school and everyone asked her about her world-famous mother. “How do you know who she is? She’s old. She’s old and boring,” she wondered at the time.

Lila Grace Moss helps herself to Kate Moss’ wardrobe

In the meantime, Lila Grace Moss, who is also preparing to pursue a career as a model, has realized that her mother is by no means old and boring. “In the last three or four years, I’ve noticed that her style is really cool, I have to admit,” she says, explaining that she also likes to borrow from her mother’s wardrobe.

Kate Moss loves her pajamas and ‘Law and Order’

Even if her mother still knows how to make a big impression in public, she seems to attach less importance to her outfit at home. “She only wears pajamas. She’s gonna hate me for saying that. She doesn’t want anyone to know she’s wearing baggy pants,” reveals Lila Moss, who has another secret: “We love it, ‘Law & Order’. Mom likes to watch that before bed.” Her mother would also love all crime series on Netflix, who then apparently makes herself comfortable on the sofa in pajamas or jogging suits.