Kate Moss: the rare little confidences of her sister Lottie on their difficult relationship

Lottie Moss confided in the British edition of Glamour, this Thursday, December 22. The opportunity for the young woman to confide in her complicated relationship with her sister, Kate Moss.

The relationships between sisters are not always obvious and it is not Lottie Moss who will say the opposite. The young woman is the half-sister of Kate Moss and if they share the same father, it would seem that they are not very close. In the columns of the British edition of Glamour, this Thursday, December 22, Lottie Moss made confidences that did not go unnoticed. “When I started modeling, I was still Kate Moss’ sister“, she laments first before adding: “It was very difficult for me growing up“. Difficulties that are still very present today.”Mostly, because I wasn’t very close to my sister, we still don’t have a relationship today, which I never talk about.“, she continued. What Lottie Moss also regrets? Being constantly associated with her sister. “I’m tired of just being seen as Kate Moss’ sister“, she regrets before declaring: “She’s everywhere in my life when we don’t really have a relationship“. A situation that bothers the young woman a lot, especially since when we speak to her, it is to obtain information about her sister. “At the time, I was bombarded with people constantly asking me about my sister – I would go to my friends’ house and there were pictures of her on the walls – and that really sparked a lot of problems. abandonment at home”she concluded.

When it comes to confiding in her sister, Lottie Moss is the first to do so. In an Instagram post shared on December 13, she revealed that she could not count on Kate Moss. The 24-year-old model has converted to erotic photos, which she shares on OrlyFans, a social network that provides erotic and even pornographic content to its subscribers. In her Instagram post, the young woman spoke of her vulnerability and she took this opportunity to make some confidences. “I understand that I come from a very privileged position, being the sister of a very famous person, but believe it or not, this person was never really supportive of me.“, she simply said. Last February, Lottie Moss revealed that she had been in rehab following addiction problems. A complicated period for her during which she could not count on the presence of Kate Moss or her daughter, Lila Grace Moss.”Lila wants nothing to do with Lottie. She is dismissive of him.” explained a close source who then mentioned the period of Covid-19. “When there was confinement, Kate took pity on Lottie and tried to take her in and take care of her. They got along well for a while, but they had big fights“, had revealed this source before continuing: “Kate was frustrated because Lottie kept wanting to drink and posting sexually provocative things on Instagram all the time“. A relationship that seems to be very complicated.

Lottie Moss: a young woman who feels she has been abandoned

At only 24 years old, Lottie Moss seems to be fighting against many demons. “I was given drugs and alcohol during photo shoots“, she revealed last February. A very complicated situation and which pushed her to continue to consume, before going to detox, just like her sister Kate Moss. However, if she experienced the same thing, the actress did not seem determined to support her half-sister. In the podcast, Lottie Moss opened up about her mental health issues, also revealing that she had felt lonely since childhood. “I don’t think many people cared about my well-being, I have to be honest“, she revealed, referring to her parents, before adding that being the sister of Kate Moss has been very complicated for her. “I’ve been compared to her many times, asking me to lose weight and my height has been mentioned.“, she had regretted. If being part of the family of a personality can have many advantages, Lottie Moss seems to live a real hell.

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