Kate will be the new Princess of Wales

After the death of Elizabeth II, the British Royal House is restructuring itself before a new era and, although everything is written, there are some unknowns to clear up. The title of Prince of Wales, which for seven decades has accompanied Prince Charles until now, is not inherited automatically, that is, it has to be the sovereign who grants it after his succession. Therefore, this title, whose history and meaning is linked to the history of Wales and its annexation to the kingdom of England in the era of King Edward I, is intended for Prince William, as the sovereign’s first son, Kate would become Princess of Wales consort just as King Carlos III has stated in the first speech he has given as sovereign.


“He succeeds me as Duke of Cornwall and assumes the responsibilities of the Duchy of Cornwall that I have assumed for more than five decades. Today I am proud to name him Prince of Wales, Tywysog Cymru, a nation whose title I have been greatly privileged to bear for much of my life and duty. With Catherine at her side, our new Prince and Princess of Wales, I know, will continue to inspire and lead our national conversations, helping to move the marginal to the center of attention, where vital help can be provided”, These have been the words with which Carlos III wanted to show all his support for his eldest son and his wife in this new stage that they are about to begin. right away the couple’s official profiles have been updated to reflect this new title, so they already appear in their social networks with the new name: The Prince and Princess of Wales instead of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. However, the couple still maintains the title of Duke of Cambridge, which now joins the Duke of Cornwall and Prince of Wales.

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Previously in Wales, as reflected in media such as walesonline, several options were valued and all under a positive approach. On the one hand, the fact that the Duchess of Cambridge becomes the new Princess of Wales It would be a way to close the circle, to reactivate a title that for all is associated with Diana, a princess who was already out of the Royal House when she died, because she had signed her divorce with Prince Charles. This prospect is bittersweet, but practical, as Kate has the necessary props and experience to shine in Diana’s long shadow. Moreover, she has been wearing many of the symbols associated with her for years, such as the sapphire engagement ring or the jewels reserved for State acts and others of the highest institutional relevance, such as the pearl tiara (Cambridge Lover’s Knot), which Diana received from Queen Elizabeth when she married Charles.


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The other option is that William and Kate, out of respect for the figure of Diana, decided not to put the title “in circulation”, that is, she would have it, as she has many others, but would continue to use the Duchess of Cambridge, an option that would even be natural after Camilla went from Duchess of Cornwall to Queen Consort, saving herself the intermediate step of Princess of Wales. The case is clearly not the same, when Carlos and Camilla married in 2005, it was inappropriate for the second wife of the heir (due to the circumstances surrounding their love story) to assume the title of the late Diana, moreover, Faced with the opposition of many Britons, who even timidly demonstrated at the gates of the Windsor town hall against the marriage, the British Royal House issued a statement clarifying that Camilla would not be Princess of Wales, although she legally belonged to her.


It’s a Middleton

With Kate a new stage opens, since she is the first Princess of Wales without royal or aristocratic origins; It should not be forgotten that Diana was born into the Spencer family, one of the most illustrious noble families in the United Kingdom. When it was decided that Carlos would marry Diana, it was another time and the young woman was the perfect “English rose” (as Elton John defined her on the day of her funeral, possibly the same day the woman died but the myth was born) for the heir, that is, a woman without a past. The British Royal House learned the lessons of this failed marriage and the new generations enjoyed more freedom. This is how Prince William met Kate Middleton, while both were studying at the University of St. Andrews (Scotland). They began as friends and roommates to later live a long courtship in which Prince William became one of the Middleton family, a family of middle-class businessmen who provided their three children with the educational, affective, social and cultural for the role that Kate has ended up assuming.

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Although over the years the Middletons have been criticized for some of their businesses, sometimes for their success and sometimes for their failure, the truth is that the family has not provided any “ammunition” trying to occupy a discreet plane, which on the other hand is what the Crown demands. The Middletons have always been united around Kate and have supported her in every step she has taken in her “career” within the British Royal Family and this is key when living under that dose of exposure. We must not forget the headaches generated by the Markle family, that is, Meghan’s father and half-siblings, when she formalized her relationship with Prince Harry.

eye! A matter of technicalities

What will never be correct, even if she is Princess of Wales, is that the word “princess” is immediately followed by her name, that is, “Princess Kate”, since this honor is reserved only to the princesses born within the Royal HouseThis is the case of her daughter, Princess Charlotte, or that of the princesses Margarita, Ana, Beatriz or Eugenia. It is a distinction for cradle princesses and Kate will always be a consort, changing her title as she changes her husband’s. So the correct would be “Kate, Princess of Wales”. This technicality will be almost impossible to get through, especially considering the background of Diana, whom everyone called Princess Diana.


Now a new era is opening and although for many Britons Diana is irreplaceable, partly because of what Tony Blair (leader of the Labor Party since 1994 and Prime Minister of the United Kingdom between 1997 and 2007) said in his day that Diana’s success resided in the fact that she was a princess “of the people”, the truth is that if someone is called in this century to act as Princess of Wales again, that is Kate, who has shown more loyalty and discipline to the British monarchy than many born Windsors . Diana of Wales was the pioneer of the princesses of the 21st century and not only of the British, her way of bringing the monarchy closer to society was the path followed by many, from those born in the palace, such as Victoria of Sweden, to those coming from abroad, such as Mary from Denmark or Rania from Jordan. From its history and its legacy learned all the royal houses and now Kate, after a long-distance raceis emerging as the great possibility of the British Royal House to “replace” in the most respectful way possible, because she is also the mother of her grandchildren, a princess who generates a fascination that never dissipates.