Kathy Sáenz started 2023 with a strange event, what was it about?

The famous actress Kathy Sáenz, wife of also actor Sebastián Martínez (who recently starred in the remake from the successful novel RCN Channel, Until the money do us part), shared through his Instagram account the strange event with which he began this 2023.

It is a well-known inhabitant of nature that perched on his head while having lunch with his family in the open air, enjoying a spectacular view. In a clip shared through his Instagram account -in which he already has more than 1.4 million followers-, She let us see which animal was the one that adorned her collected hair and told her followers what this event represented for her.

“This story began yesterday afternoon, December 31… I was sitting and suddenly I felt something on my arm when I turned to look, it was this Super Cricket!” (Sic), wrote the actress.

To be honest, I’ve never seen it before. it began to walk up my arm while I watched it carefully, because I have always had a particular perception about crickets and it is that I feel that they understand perfectly what one speaks to them, their eyes are so perfect that they turn to look and stop to look around them, analyzing the situation” (Sic), he added.

“With this cricket in particular I had a little conversation hahaha loving and I took him back to a log, he got off my hand, he was very calm and I said goodbye…. But oh surprise! When we sit down for lunch today, January 1st, he comes to my head again and it sits like an absolutely beautiful ornament, Tian my husband recorded it and the truth was with me for a while while I had lunch…” (Sic), she continued.

The former beauty queen stated that the fact caused her curiosity: “during these two days this magical experience with this Mr. Grillo would have happened to me and I began to investigate the meaning of a visit from a cricket and the truth is that I feel deeply happy and honored that this beautiful insect has come as a representation of good fortune, and many other beautiful things…”.

The woman did not hesitate to thank the new year for the peculiar moment that allowed her to experience: “Thank you 2023 for this welcome and during the days of this year when things get difficult I will always remember this moment and its meaning to continue understanding that life, with good and bad days, is in itself an experience of good fortune” (Sic).

Sebastián Martínez cut himself in the traditional pot ride
Sebastián Martínez cut himself in the traditional pot walk – Photo: Instagram @sebastianmartinezn

Meanwhile, her husband shared on his Instagram account a video of the typical “pot walk” that is usually done in Colombia on special dates at the end of the year, either December 25 or January 1, and took advantage of the space to Send a message.

This, due to the carelessness of many families and people who are unaware and throw garbage in natural spaces, contaminating the habitats of thousands of species of animals, putting their lives at risk and also being able to cause inconvenience to future visitors, as you happened to the actor.

Proof of this was a photograph in which he showed that the palm of his hand had been cut with glass that someone left in an inappropriate place, for which the actor was injured; For this reason, he reiterated his call to people to leave garbage and waste (glass, cans, and waste) in the bins that are for collection.