Katja Burkard has to be sewn into a blouse on the set of point 12

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Katja Burkard has to be sewn into a blouse on the set of point 12
Katja Burkhard has to be sewn into her blouse © Screenshot/Instagram/katja_burkard_official

Katja Burkard keeps giving insight into her job as a moderator on Instagram. She recently revealed a true fun fact. So that your blouse does not stretch, it will be sewn into it without further ado.

Cologne – Katja Burkard has been in front of the camera for the RTL format “Punkt 12” for over twenty years. The pretty presenter recently experienced a real star moment. The 56-year-old was quickly sewn in on the set so that the blouse doesn’t let anything show through in the décolleté area either.

Katja Burkard shows insights into her everyday life

Katja Burkard can not only be seen regularly on TV, but also takes her fans with her on Instagram every day. Among other things, she repeatedly shows insights into her job and reveals exciting details from the RTL studio that viewers don’t get to see in front of their home screens.

She recently revealed her trick 17: Because so that you can’t look through the 56-year-old’s blouse from the side, her stylist recently sewed her into her outfit without further ado. A fun fact, but one that seems to drive Katja insane on a regular basis – because, in her opinion, designers should simply add a snap to avoid doing just that.

“Feel like Mariah Carey”: Katja Burkard has to be sewn into a blouse on the set of point 12

“I feel like Mariah Carey today. I am also sewn into the blouse” Katja Burkard informs her followers. But the fact that this action is necessary at all seems to upset the 56-year-old: “It’s crazy, isn’t it? That really gets me excited. To all blouse manufacturers in the world: Why not add a snap? That’s okay! If this always pops up like that…”, the pretty blonde then vents her anger.

Will the fashion designers understand this call for help and implement Katja’s idea? We are excited. Recently, however, the moderator had other concerns. Because Katja Burkard had her bike stolen. Sources used: Instagram.com/ katja_burkard_official