‘KC La Cara’, the urban musical revelation of Los Alcarrizos

Geudys Núñez, better known by his stage name “KC La Cara”, is a rapper born in Los Alcarrizos, who at only 21 years old has fulfilled part of his dream in urban music by being chosen among 500 participants in a contest held by Caribbean Cinemas to be part of the movie “Flow Calle”.

“I had been making music for a long time, knocking on doors, waiting for an opportunity and when it came I wasn’t waiting for it. I describe it as the best thing that could have happened to me,” she said with a smile.

The beginning

As a child, KC tells how he felt that passion for urban music and how familiar he was with it. Inspired by the rhymes of the Conscious Pencil, Almighty, Resident and Mandrake El Malocorita; he decides to go his own way in what from that moment was part of his being.

It all started at a summer camp, where through his mother who worked at the town hall, he learned that there was a summer camp that was looking for young entertainers to perform before an audience of 3,500 boys.

“With my little group we prepared a presentation with a song and everything. It was an animator casting, but we wanted to be different, so we did it like this, ”she narrated. They were winners and cataloged as the “artists of the camp”.

The visits to the recording studios, singing in front of an audience, the screams and the emotions, was what aroused that passion that began to emerge as a result of that experience. That moment where she “fell in love” with music and decided to fulfill his dreams.

Its music

Each of their songs has different themes, but they all have one thing in common: clean lyrics.

“I try to keep my lyrics clean because my mom listens to me. One is not going to teach her weird things, you know, ”she said between laughs.

This young talent considers that to sound good it is not necessary to use bad words or vulgarities.

With the purpose of providing a message to society, KC created the song “February 27” and “Juan Pablo Duarte”, where he takes advantage of his talent to sing narrating, in this case about the events of the Dominican homeland and the importance it has this is for history.


For “KC La Cara” support should never be begged, it has to come from the person in an unconditional and sincere way.

He noted that his family supports him unconditionally and that he could not have been born into a better one.

“At first my dad was the one who didn’t support me, he said that this urban music thing is for criminals. Then he realized that it is not like that and even made his messes to help me, “he stressed.

Flow Street

For a young man full of dreams, achieving one of his goals is a sign of joy. This happened when, out of the 500 participants in the reality contest, 30 were selected, then 10, then five were eliminated, and he was the winner of the last three. Not only did he win the opportunity to participate in the urban music film currently in theaters “Flow Calle”, but also an album of 12 songs produced by music producer Nico Clínico, a video made by Jean Gabriel Guerra, money in cash, electronic devices, among others.

“At one point I was scared because the other finalist made a very good participation, however, something told me that it was mine before entering, I felt it,” he recalled happily.

This competition was filmed in four days and broadcast for two months. It had as judges the rapper Melymel, the communicator Brea Frank and the announcer Luinny Corporán.

Already in the process of recording the film, KC said that it has been one of the best experiences of his life, not only because of the fact of meeting so many personalities and artists, but also because of the kind way in which he said he was treated.

“Everyone was so attentive to me. Although the others were much more recognized than me, there was never a different treatment with me. We were treated the same,” she emphasized.

KC decided to take a risk with this experience, as she said that to go to the filming of the film she had to have the support of her relatives to pay for the ticket and everything else she needed.

He added that another great challenge was the rap that he performed in Flow Calle, since the lyrics, which were written by the urban artist Musicologist, were sent to him at 9:00 am and by 3:00 pm he had to know them in full to just record it.

Other goals

“I focus on knocking on doors, paying for promotions, my videos and continuing to strive until God allows it and things happen. I do tell you that, but not how I see myself in the future,” KC clarified.

He blindly believes that even though he wants something very much, in the end only what is “his will” will happen. For that reason he prefers not to get ideas, but to live in the present and strive to achieve the triumph that he wants to have one day.

Within those plans, he points out that he is open to the idea of ​​recording with anyone from the urban genre, especially with the rapper Farina and Pencil Conscious, because “what better start than with the father of rap.”

His mission is to work hard and he hopes to be able to participate again in cinema hand in hand with urban music, that would fill him with great satisfaction.