“Keep fighting”: Pop singer Markus Mörl had to leave the jungle camp

Pop singer Markus Mörl (“I want fun”) has left the RTL jungle camp. The 63-year-old received too few calls from viewers on Saturday night and has to show “I’m a star – get me out of here!” therefore leave. “Keep fighting,” he advised the remaining campers after he was kicked out. It was “nice” to get to know the others. “You are all originals.”

The musician had previously faced the jungle test of the day together with influencer Jolina Mennen. The duo had to correctly estimate the weight of various raw meat dishes and then eat the portions. Although both ate bravely, in the end they only got four stars for the camp because of misjudged portion sizes.

A marriage proposal away from the jungle

Other highlights of the day: Model Tessa Bergmeier and reality actress Cecilia Asoro clashed again, entertainer Cosimo Citiolo and reality actor Gigi Birofio won a pizza during the nightly treasure hunt and the campers had to give up their “luxury items” because of repeated rule violations.

Meanwhile, there was another highlight outside of the jungle: radio presenter Verena Kerth, who was the first participant in the previous show, celebrated a reunion with her friend Marc Terenzi. At a picnic on the beach, the singer suddenly surprised his partner with a marriage proposal. “I can’t believe it,” said the 41-year-old – and said yes.