Kelly Family agrees Schlager fans on the upcoming tour

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Kelly Family agrees Schlager fans on the upcoming tour
Angelo Kelly & Family at the dress rehearsal for the recording of the Christmas TV show in our Stadthalle © Michael Kremer/Imago

You can’t wait! The Kelly Family spreads anticipation among their fans for their upcoming Christmas Tour. The band’s concerts will start in November 2020.

Germany – The anticipation is rising! The Kelly Family members can’t wait to get back on the road as part of their Christmas Tour this year. According to the musicians’ official website, the band, whose members include Maite Kelly (42), Angelo Kelly (40) and Michael Patrick Kelly (44), will be back on stage in Germany, Switzerland and Austria from November 2022 .

The “An Angel” hitmakers got their followers in the mood for their upcoming shows in a post the band shared with fans on their official Instagram account. They also posted a throwback photo from one of their past performances, showing the stage and a stadium filled with fans. For their contribution, the celebrities announced that they would miss their shows so much and were therefore looking forward to their Christmas arena tour all the more. They announced, “Throwback to the good times… We miss the stage so much!”

The Kelly Family prepares fans for the upcoming tour

The stars added that anticipation for their concerts is building and their fans will soon be able to see them back at their shows. “All the better that we can slowly count the days when it starts again! Who do we meet where on the big Christmas Tour?” they revealed excitedly. The artists also added the hashtags #thekellyfamily, #christmastour, #live and #kellyfans to the exciting announcement. So the band’s fans can look forward to a great Christmas party at the upcoming shows!