“Kelly Family”: Patricia shares touching video: “Life saved”

“Kelly Family”: Patricia shares emotional video – “Saved my life”

The Wollnys: A terribly large family

The Wollnys: A terribly large family

We present Germany’s probably largest TV family, the Wollnys.

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Emotional words of “KellyFamily-Star Patricia Kelly!

Actually you know “KellyFamily“-Member Patricia Kelly always in a good mood and with vigor on stage. But the musician has now addressed her fans on Instagram with a very serious topic.

“Kelly Family”: Patricia has an important message for her fans

On her account she shares a video in which she encourages her fans to go regularly for cancer screening!

“Take care, it saved my life and it can save yours too!” I’ve just been to the annual check-up and I thank the good Lord every time everything is fine,” she writes about the clip.

“Kelly Family” member Patricia Kelly urges followers to get regular cancer screening

“Prof. Nitz is my absolute role model, a strong woman, mother, person and professor. For 38 years she has cared for women suffering from breast cancer and has helped many to recover from this disease,” the post continues.

Patricia Kelly is grateful to have such a “great” doctor by her side. “I take my hat off to her and all the people who work in all areas of care! Dear ones, once again: take precautions, it can save your life!”


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“Kelly Family”: Patricia had breast cancer herself

In 2009, Patricia Kelly herself received the shocking diagnosis: breast cancer! But she was lucky and was able to defeat the disease. The musician knows from her own experience how important it is to have regular check-ups. (cf)