Kelly Family: Why Joey Kelly now went to his physical limits

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Celebrities like Joey Kelly, Andi Herzog or Max Franz worked on tree trunks with full physical exertion.

from Stefanie Weichselbaum

The musician starts with a loud crackle Joey Kelly the chainsaw and begins to cut slices from a tree trunk. When he still doesn’t have enough, he grabs the ax and chops up some more wood. He already knows the job, after all “we have a fireplace at home and we heat it with firewood, which also has to be chopped.”

On Thursday morning, however, it was not the oven that should be heated up, but the atmosphere for the “Stihl Timbersports World Trophy 2022” (from May 27th to 29th at Vienna’s Rathausplatz). Then all sorts of professionals from the discipline of sport logging are called onto the scene, but now the celebrities were allowed to have a go.

This was something completely new for Joey Kelly (The Kelly Family), who is very fond of extreme sports. “It’s fun for me, it’s a passion that I’ve been doing for a very, very long time. It’s a balance and the attraction of going to your physical limits.”

As an athlete, Ski-Star knows Max Franz that too and went about it heroically, but after a few punches he gasped from the effort. “That was tough, I have to say. But it was also fun. It was a very cool experience and it’s really exhausting. The heel was sharp anyway, but a lot has to fit together. You need so much momentum and so much power, then you always have to equate the point, that’s difficult.”

Admira-Trainer described himself as “completely untalented”. Andrew Herzog. “I have a small chainsaw at home, so I might cut away small branches, but that’s it. I got a little nervous here when I saw the rescue team standing there,” he smiled. But, it went well, nothing happened, everyone survived their tasks safely.

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