Kendall Jenner does not know how to cut a cucumber… She becomes the laughing stock of the Internet (Video)

The latest episode of the Kardashians on Disney + revealed essential information (or not) about Kendall Jenner: the top model is obviously not very comfortable in the kitchen.

New day, new buzz for the Kardashian family. Even though “keeping up with the Kardashians” ended in 2021, the lives of the stars are still as well documented thanks to another soberly titled show “The Kardashiansand airing every Thursday on Disney+. This May 12, the new episode confirmed what everyone already knows: a gigantic gap exists between what we watch on television and the life of an average person. The proof ? Kendall Jenner, 26, who laboriously tries to cut a cucumber to make a small snack while she is at her mother’s house. As soon as she expresses the wish to make something to eat, Kris Jenner hastens to him ask if she wants the boss to take care of it – normal. But Kendall wants to fend for herself.

I can do it myself, I’ll just cut some cucumber, it’s quite easy” answers the young woman, before launching into a demonstration that proves the exact opposite of what she has just said. Grabbing the cucumber by one end then another, the top model passes one arm over the other to cut slices of cucumber with a very special technique… And during this time, her mother warns her : “Be careful because I cut myself last time“. Kendall Jenner confesses that she has “a little scared“before admitting”I’m really not good at cutting vegetables so don’t zoom in on me, I’m not a pro…

Kendall Jenner finds herself “tragic”

Seeing her struggling, his mother calls the chief but, determined, the young woman answers once again “I’ll do it mom, it’s okay“. And indeed, when Kris goes to answer Scott Disick who has just knocked on the door, Kendall Jenner has finished cutting her cucumber for her long-awaited snack. One surreal scene among many that underlines that the money don’t buy everything, starting with common sense. Something to make all Internet users react who were quick to comment on the famous cucumber scene on social networks. Aware of being the laughing stock of the internet, Kim Kardashian’s half-sister herself retweeted a photo of herself accompanied by a mocking sentence, self-deprecatingly adding the word “tragic!to his retweet.


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