Kendji Girac on a diet: his program to lose weight

This Tuesday, May 10, Kendji Girac granted an interview to Current wife. He notably revealed how he managed to lose weight quickly for a film, after gaining several pounds in recent years.

An almost drastic diet. While his weight gain had been talked about in recent years, Kendji Girac recently appeared leaner than ever. This Tuesday, May 10, the 25-year-old singer confided in Current wife on the healthier lifestyle he imposed on himself in order to get rid of the extra pounds. “I’m at 80 kilos. I’ve gained two small kilos, but I’m careful”he first admitted. “During the week, I can indulge myself, I take advantage and after, I calm down a bit on the restaurants. When I see that I’m a little over the top, I pull myself togetherassured the young dad.

The winner of the fourth season of The Voice also explained that he now does more physical exercise than before. “I do a lot of sport too, boxing and crossfit”. In order to find a stable weight, Kendji Girac told our colleagues that he had done “three, four months of intense sport followed by a dietetic meal”. A strict diet that the interpreter ofAndalusian was forced to follow her first role in a TV movieentitled Champion, which will soon be broadcast on TF1. After long months of filming, the budding actor revealed that he had found a more toned body. “With the training, I lost some weight. I dried out and gained muscle. I’m at 78 kg”he told Tele-Leisure last March.

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“I no longer went to sport, I no longer paid attention to what I ate”

As recalled Here is this Tuesday, May 10, the singer was repeatedly mocked in recent years because of his weight gainhe who had appeared very thin at the blind auditions of The Voice in 2014. In 2018, in particular, while he was performing on stage for the music festival, he had been victim of fatphobia from many Internet users on social networks. A year later, in the columns of Parisianthe one considered the new Enrico Macias had revealed the origin of this change in appearance. “I was on vacation with my friends, I wanted to take advantage. I was no longer going to sport, I was no longer paying attention to what I ate. It was Ricard, beers, pétanques, grills and restaurants every day.”

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