Kerstin Ott grateful that Helene Fischer and Co. Schlager modernized: “There were many prejudices”

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Kerstin Ott grateful that Helene Fischer and Co. Schlager modernized: “There were many prejudices”
Pop star Kerstin Ott is happy: Schlager is now really modern! (Photomontage) © Felix Hörhager/dpa & Screenshot/ZDF/The Helene Fischer Show

The German hit has become more and more modern in recent years – a development that pop star Kerstin Ott is very happy about! The 40-year-old speaks openly about “the prejudices” that the genre had to contend with. She also has words of praise for colleague Helene Fischer.

Heide – With her catchy song “The always laughing” Kerstin Ott (40) catapulted in January 2016 from practically nothing to the upper reaches of the charts and established a little later than shining star in the pop heaven. Like many of her colleagues, the 40-year-old brought a breath of fresh air to the industry, which has continued to open up musically in recent years. At the beginning of her career, however, this development was still in its infancy.

Kerstin Ott praises “cool and modern” hits – with Helene Fischer “there is bass and beats”

Kerstin Ott did it – the “Rainbow Colors” interpreter has blossomed into a real hit star within a very short time. In the genre, the 40-year-old feels good hands, had regard to their self-image, however, beginning “between singer-songwriter and crooner back and forth considered” as she revealed in T-Online. “Ultimately it was a gut decision: I sing German lyrics and I have absolutely nothing against being a pop singer,” says the musician.

Kerstin Ott together with Helene Fischer in their ZDF show
“If you look at today a show of Helene Fischer at, there are bass and beats you can dance to it,” Kerstin Ott praised the development that the German hit has taken in recent years © Screenshot / ZDF / The Helene Fischer Show

“There was a lot of prejudice against the Schlager. In the meantime, however, we are moving more and more towards the fact that singing in German is cool and modern.”, Kerstin Ott explained the change that the industry has undergone in the recent past. “That wasn’t quite the case at the start of my career. But everything can change,” says the 40-year-old.

Kerstin Ott speaks of Schlager “Revolution” – thanks to shows with Helene Fischer and Co.

Especially musically, the hit has opened up more and more, so that you “don’t always have to sort everything into one drawer”, as Kerstin Ott praised. The pop singer herself speaks of a “revolution” that could also be carried out thanks to the big stars of the scene.

“Ten years ago, the hit was still very popular. It’s logical that young people didn’t care if someone blew a trumpet in their ears for hours. But if you look at a show by Helene Fischer today, there is bass and beats, you can dance to it,” said the 40-year-old about the development of the hit. Kerstin Ott enjoys driving a lot less – she regularly gets really annoyed at the wheel. Sources used: