Kevin Trapp’s fiancee Izabel Goulart in a sexy look

A tight white crop top and beige pants, the unbuttoned waistband of which the model casually rolled to the side. With this, the 37-year-old perfectly staged her well-trained abdominal muscles, as she showed with another photo on the side of her companion.

(Source: Instagram / Izabel Goulart)

Bright red lips, golden jewelry and a wild curly mane rounded off the sexy look. The Brazilian likes to show herself and is often revealing. And Izabel Goulart also speaks openly about her sex life with Kevin Trapp.

Spicy details about her sex life

Speaking to Brazilian YouTuber Matheus Mazzafera in 2018, she revealed: “We love each other a lot – four, five times a week.” She is the one who sometimes has to do without sex. “If the team loses important games, no matter how attractive I am, beautiful, toned, in heels or in my underwear, there’s just no sex on those days.” After the bankruptcy against Bayern, she will have to comfort her loved ones differently.

The soccer professional and the top model have been in a relationship for more than six years. The couple is now engaged. However, there has not yet been a wedding because the corona pandemic has thwarted the two of them so far.