Khloé Kardashian before and after: ensures that her face looks different thanks to a fringe in her hair | Famous

As soon as 2023 began, he already defended himself again against new negative comments.

Khloé Kardashian looked unrecognizable in a photo shoot

2023 started in a positive way for the reality star, as she became the protagonist of the cover of ‘Sorbet’ magazine.

For her portraits in said publication, Khloé Kardashian opted for a completely renewed look: with curtain fringe, a ‘crop top’ that exposed her toned abdomen and a gold miniskirt.

No one could deny that this style radically changed the image of the youngest of the Kardashian clan, as she herself wrote on her Instagram account:

“Fun fact: I wore clip-in bangs for this photo shoot (…) I’m surprised how much I liked the bangs even though it changed the shape of my face.”

In the comments section, several of her fans also pointed out this detail and even compared her to Taylor Swift, who has made bangs a distinctive feature.

Khloé Kardashian responded to criticism that she had changed her face

Some of the criticism that the 38-year-old model received were:

“Let’s be honest, it’s not just the bangs that changed here”, “People aren’t upset because of how you look, but because of your dishonesty about how you got there. Lots of shortcuts and not just bangs”, “No, baby, you changed the shape of your face”, “Of course, the bangs changed the shape of your face, it couldn’t be anything else” or “What did it do to her face? ”.

These messages did not please Khloé Kardashian, who even took the task of responding to one of them (now deleted):

“I am open about my nose job and anyone who ‘admires’ me should know that I have lost over 60 pounds in the last few years, so the only change is the bangs. I did not know that I had to have an updated list (of his alterations) ”, he wrote as reported by the ‘Daily Mail’.

“In any case, attacking someone is sad in my opinion and doing it without being provoked is the saddest part. If you’re offended or you don’t like it or what you see, you just don’t have to say anything,” she added.

To top it off, Khloé Kardashian wished the netizen “a great first week of the year” and thanked him, in a sarcastic tone, for having made hers “so joyful.”

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