Khloé Kardashian holds black women on a leash: a very uncomfortable photo from 2003 resurfaces

Khloe kardashians been talking about her for a few days because of a disturbing photo shared on social networks. The sister of the famous clan is dressed as a “mackerel” and keeps her black friends on a leash for Halloween.

Captured in October 2003, the image is at the center of a controversy on Reddit after being posted on Monday in the thread titled “Let’s never forget that *this* thing happened“.

The 38-year-old was slammed in the comments for leashing Meagan and La’Myia Good as well as Malika and Khadijah Haqqreports the New York Post.

Does anyone know legitimately why she did this? I can not support it“, wrote a confused user.

Seriously, every time I see this photo, I think to myself: who thought that was a good idea?Why ?“, posted another.

She had black women on a leash?“, has writing a confused user.

One of the leashed women in the photo is a famous American actress. She reacted on Instagram.That time, on Halloween, when you were young and stupid… and that you clearly didn’t think 15 years ahead lol smhwrote Meagan Good. “Well, mistakes have been made“.