Khloé Kardashian reappears without implants in her “derrière”

Some allege that she did not remove her implants but that she has lost a lot of weight, the truth is that the 37-year-old socialite continues with her unstoppable physical transformation.

The Kardashians have been characterized by their voluptuous figure, but above all by their prominent rear. That’s why Khloé is in the media eye after appearing “very skinny” and, apparently, without her implants in her butt.

The 37-year-old businesswoman and socialite sparked tremendous debate among Internet users as some allege that she did not remove her implants but has lost a lot of weight.

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The outfit that the beautiful blonde used accentuated her slim figure. In a white tone, the onesie showed that he said goodbye to her curves and finally got rid of her thick complexion.

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Regardless of that, the truth is that since Khloé began her physical transformation, she has not stopped for a single moment.

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Despite the controversy, Khloé has not spoken about it and most likely will not, since she has always maintained that her attributes are natural and not the product of the scalpel. She has actually only publicly accepted that she had rhinoplasty.

The Kardashian clan is in full promotion of their Hulu series ‘The Kardashians’.