Khloé Kardashian responds: do you use drugs to lose weight?

khloé kardashian responds to those who accuse her of using drugs to lose weight

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      There is no week in which the Kardashians are not criticized and this time it was Khloé’s turn. The founder of ‘Good American’ is at the center of controversy over recent photographs that she has published, in which her recent weight loss is more than evident. His methods to lose weight have been questioned by a follower, who has assured that he has achieved it by resorting to drugs. Obviously, this comment has not gone unnoticed by her and she has not hesitated to deny it, assuring that her spectacular physique is due to the demanding exercise routine that she follows.

      The ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’ star has shared with her fans a photo shoot she did for ‘Sorbet’ magazine. A publication that has given a lot to talk about (and not always for the better) from minute one. Many of her followers have coincided in pointing out that in the photos digital retouching has been abused, something that she has denied, saying that the only change in these photos is the bangs. But this has not been the only negative comment that she has had to respond to, and it is that she also had to face a follower of hers who accused her of taking a antidiabetic medicine for weight loss.

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      “The fact that I use medication [para la diabetes] To lose so much weight is disturbing,” commented a Kardashian follower. The businesswoman is not willing to allow anyone to question her efforts to be in shape, and this is how she has put it on the table:Let’s not discredit my years of practice. I get up 5 days a week at 6 in the morning to train. Please stop making assumptions,” he wrote. “I guess new years still means bad people.”

      Khloé’s weight loss has raised concerns in her family. In a chapter of ‘The Kardashians’, Kendall and Kylie showed their concern about the way in which her sister was dealing with her family drama (Tristan Thompson’s new infidelity). “You’re very skinny,” Kim commented. “I’ll tell you that Kendall and Kylie wrote to tell me that they were worried because you are very thin“, he assured. “I told them you were a little stressed”he concluded.