Kim Cattrall, Drew Barrymore, Amanda Seyfried… The women honored at the Variety evening

This year, Drew Barrymore, Camila Cabello, Kim Cattrall, Queen Latifah, Amanda Seyfried and Venus Williams were honored at Power Women, organized by “Variety” magazine. This evening, which took place Thursday evening in New York, pays tribute to personalities involved in the charitable field. Many celebrities were spotted, including Emily Ratajkowski and Billy Porter.

In a somewhat energetic speech, Drew Barrymore praised those who prioritize action over words. While talking about her association, World Central Kitchen, which provides meals to victims of natural disasters, the 47-year-old actress expressed her admiration for founder José Andrés and all the “disjointed people”, ready to come together at any time. moment.

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Kim Cattrall meanwhile highlighted the word “No”. “No, this salary is unacceptable”, “No, we do not have a meeting in your hotel room”, she let go. “The word ‘No’ sometimes struggles to pass from the brain to the tongue. There can be shocking situations even today where a woman’s rights or opinion are not easily listened to, which makes this core word all the more important,” added the interpreter of Samantha in “Sex and the City”, which rightly dared to refuse the return of its character in “And Just Like That…”.

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“We must not only assert ourselves, show that we support each other”

Camila Cabillo spoke about the right to abortion more than ever in danger in the United States. “It’s excruciating,” said the singer. “Obviously this will affect poor women the most, because those who can afford it will be able to handle things differently. The idea that a moment transforms the course of a woman’s life is tragic. And it’s tragic that the people involved don’t have a say,” she said.

The speech of Venus Williams, absent at the event, was projected on a screen. The tennis player highlighted the independence of women. “My mother is the strongest person I know. Alongside my father, she encouraged us to celebrate our individuality. […] Having the confidence to do the right thing, even when it’s not the most popular option, is a quality I learned from an early age by being around strong female presences.” – she let go.

Queen Latifah said women weren’t celebrated enough. “We must not only affirm ourselves, but also support each other, show that we support each other,” she said, also emphasizing her fear for the right to abortion.

In her remarks, Amanda Seyfried paid tribute to the International Network for Aid, Relief and Assistance (INARA), a non-profit organization that connects refugee children to crucial medical and mental health care.