Kim Cattrall Slams ‘And Just Like That’ on Twitter

Samantha Jones He was always a cheeky, foul-mouthed and rebellious character who, due to this strong character that empowered the female audience back in the nineties, earned the eternal affection of the audience. So when we found out Kim Cattrall, the actress who gave him life in ‘Sex and the City’, declined to participate in the reboot of said series, we do not hesitate to write an ode to the one who was and will be our favorite girl from the gang led by Carrie Bradshaw. The reason why Cattrall decided not to wear Jones’s heels again was more than obvious: the actress has had a bad relationship for years with Sarah Jessica Parker, protagonist and producer of the fiction. A bad vibe that they have even externalized on Twitter, where Jones dedicated some harsh words to Parker after she gave condolences to her former partner after the death of her brother. a resounding “You are neither my family nor my friend” It was enough to know that what was once cordiality between the two was today indifference.

Thus, and given the controversial absence of this important character, in the plot of ‘And Just Like That’ they decided to send Jones to London, where he would have moved after arguing with Carrie. A metaphor that further fueled the sauce in the real life of both. However, since the series premiered, Cattrall has not been open about it, although he has dropped the odd hint. The first happened during the premiere of the HBO Max fiction, when on Twitter he ‘liked’ a message that was:

“I love ‘Sex and the City’ and while I’m sad to hear that Samantha won’t be back, I applaud the fact that you did what was best for you and I think it’s a great example that you put yourself first. Well done Kim Cattrall.”

Now the interpreter has gone further.

the protagonists of 'sex in new york', during the first film of the saga, in 2008

The protagonists of ‘Sex and the City’, during the first film of the saga, in 2008.

James DevaneyGetty Images

Jones’ last murky ‘like’

Recently, fans of the actress have realized that among her favorite tweets is one that has not gone unnoticed due to its poisonous nature. A public declaration of intent that is worth more than any comment in the first person:

“So proud that Kim Cattral has moved on from the crap that is the ‘Sex and the City’ reboot and is doing ‘How I Met Your Father.’ She is just wonderful and so is Hilary Duff. If you have 48 minutes to spare I recommend you watch the first two episodes. I may see them again next week.”

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Unfortunately for viewers of the new series, who find it increasingly difficult for Jones to join the reboot, this is not the first or second time he has sent a hint through a ‘like’. Already in December of last year he did not hesitate to support a message in which a user assured that she would not see the fiction if Cattrall did not appear in it. This drama promises to bring tail.

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