Kim Cattrall’s New Project Revealed

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    Kim Cattrall He has a new role in his hands and some of the names of the actors who will participate have been revealed. The project is a ‘queer’ character story and is based on the cosmetics industry. It is titled ‘Glamorous’ and will feature a diverse cast (waiting to hear more about the additions).

    The main plot? Madolyn Addison is a model who made it big in the era of ‘supermodels’ and back then, founded a beauty line named after her. Intent on making a ‘push’ into her business, she sees an opportunity that she jumps at.

    The cast will have YouTube star Miss Benny, who will play Marco Mejia, a person whose life changes when he starts working for Addison. The handsome Zane Phillips, Jade Payton, Ayesha Harris and Michael Hsu Rosen will also appear, among others, as you can see, a very diverse casting adapted to the new times. Plus, Patricia Field will be the show’s stylist (who became known for… yes, ‘Sex and the City’).

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    Although the rumors about Kim’s return to the ‘And Just Like That’ reboot They continue to circulate, she herself has been in charge of denying them several times. Aha, she will be present in a certain way: we understand, through the messages that she sends with her friend Carrie Bradshaw (will they do a scene in which she appears from behind? That would be very top on a par with ‘random’ ). In any case, this new journey proves that she, indeed, will not return to the ‘show’ in person.

    Will we still dream anyway? Well look, yes. In the same way, I can’t wait to see this project!

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