Kim Kardashian and cosmetic surgery: “I calmed down”

Did the reality TV star really abuse the scalpel? In a new interview, Kim Kardashian answers frankly.

While she is in the middle of a fashion marathon in Paris, on the occasion of Haute Couture Fashion Week, Kim Kardashian is the star of the new American magazine “pace and its August 2022 edition. In addition to striking a pose with her blonde mane, the reality TV star is candid about her relationship with cosmetic surgery. Contrary to what her fans may think, she didn’t retouch her face that much…

Asked what she may have in her face at the moment, Kanye West’s ex-wife responds by showing the space between her eyebrows: “A little Botox. But I actually calmed down.” Kim K claims never to have used injections (“fillers”) for her lips or cheekbones, or even extensions for her eyelashes.

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However, the mother of North (9 years old), Saint (6 years old), Chicago (4 years old) and Psalm (3 years old) recognizes that she is particularly concerned about her appearance. “It’s not easy when you’re a mum and you’re exhausted at the end of the day, or when you’re at school and I’m all of that. Usually I do my treatments late at night. When everyone is in bed, I do my laser treatments,” says the 41-year-old star.

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“My health is more important than anything else”

While acknowledging that she does everything to look young, Kim Kardashian adds that she is more accepting of her imperfections, especially her hands, which she finds “wrinkled”. “I’ve lived my life and changed so many nappies with these hands and cradled my babies with these hands, so I accept them (…). You get to a point where you’re like, ‘Okay, my health is more important than anything else.

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Health that she would in no way have threatened by losing weight over a short period to fit into the dress of Marilyn Monroe, on the occasion of the Met Gala last May. “If I was starving and doing it in a really unhealthy way, I would say, of course, that’s not a good example. But I had a nutritionist, I had a trainer. I have never drunk more water in my life. I don’t see the criticism for others when they’ve lost weight for roles – they’re [considérés] like geniuses for their craft.”