Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson eat fast food on their date

Maybe Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson they may be millionaires and live in luxury, but their dates are the ones any of us could have. After officially divorcing Kanye West, the businesswoman is happy with her new boyfriend. Not only that, but her close circle claims that she “looks like a teenager” when she is with him. Well, that is something that we can verify after seeing the meetings that both maintain. If a few weeks ago they were caught going to the movies and going out for pizza, this time their plan has been just as simple: go to a fast food self service.

The couple, who have already made their relationship official on Instagram (with the help of Photoshop!), have decided to celebrate Kim’s single status with the best possible plan. Namely, go eat hamburger This Thursday, Kim and Pete were photographed at the In-n-Out burger joint in Los Angeles. They arrived at the store in Pete’s luxury Mercedes, and although they tried to be inconspicuous by not rolling the car window all the way down, they obviously got caught.

The photos, originally published by TMZ, are already viral on social networks. Sight!

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Since they’ve been together, Kim and Pete have been seen making the simplest of plans. In fact, one of their first dates was at an amusement park. Their relationship caught us all by surprise, but it seems that things are serious. What there is between them is much more than a simple adventure, as revealed by sources close to Pete. For her part, the businesswoman has also talked about this relationship in the trailer for ‘The Kardashian’, a program in which we will surely witness many ‘big moments’ between them. We don’t miss it!

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