Kim Kardashian: Boyfriend Pete Davidson Finds Kanye West’s Threats ‘Hilarious’

Pete Davidson is living his best life. His relationship with Kim Kardashian has just propelled him into the lyrics of a Kanye West song, in which the latter threatens to “kick his ass”. Which would greatly amuse the comedian.

Last week, the rapper leaked a short extract from a future song called “My Life Was Never Easy”, in which he swings the name of the current boyfriend of his ex-wife and mother of his children: ” God saved me from an accident (Kanye West had a serious car accident in 2002, editor’s note) so that I could kick Pete Davidson’s ass.

A thinly veiled threat to Pete Davidson, which does not worry the comedian in the least. On the contrary. The latter would be amused by the turn taken by his romance with Kim Kardashian, in particular the way in which the press people revel in the tension supposedly it creates between Kanye West and that of which he is the boyfriend.

“Pete thinks it’s hilarious. And not just this song. All the dramas that make the front page of the people press. He loves it”, believes a source according to the American site Page Six.

The people sphere in turmoil

Pete Davidson is used to mediated relationships, he who has been in a relationship with Ariana Grande, or Kaia Gerber. But he is well aware that his relationship with Kim Kardashian has just propelled him into another media dimension. “It amuses him to see the tabloids following his every move all of a sudden,” says a source. “The craziness surrounding Kanye West’s song last week has only brought Kim and Pete closer together,” another source said.

Pete Davidson, however, has not yet met the children of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, staying in a hotel in Beverly Hills when he comes to visit him. If this step is ever taken, the rapper will most likely be angry. According to Page Six, Kanye West has a grudge against the comedian since his appearance on Saturday Night Live in 2018, where he appeared with Donald Trump’s MAGA cap on his head. Pete Davidson had made fun of the rapper in a sketch, which the latter would not have appreciated at all.

It will be understood, the resentment of Kanye West towards Pete Davidson does not date from the beginning of his relationship with Kim Kardashian.

And seeing the young man get intimate with his ex-wife must probably be very upsetting for the rapper.