Kim Kardashian breaks free from toxic Kanye West

When the ex-partner becomes a stalker – and the world is watching: Hardly a day goes by when the feud between reality star Kim Kardashian (41), her new boyfriend Pete Davidson (28) and Kardashian’s ex-husband, rap Star Kanye West (44) does not make headlines. West’s behavior is particularly worrying.

Since Kardashian filed for divorce from West in February 2021, West has raged on Instagram, which has over 15 million followers. On the social media platform, the musician shares against his ex-wife and especially against her new partner Pete Davidson. West calls on his fans to swear at the comedian, publicly threatening him with a beating and even including death threats against him in his latest music video. Meanwhile, he tries to win his ex-wife back, sending her a truckload of red roses for Valentine’s Day, publicly begging her to take him back. Toxic behavior of an ex-partner, as it is written in the book.