Kim Kardashian demands neutral clothing from her employees at home and in her offices: controversial rule | Famous

Beyond her extravagant looks, Kim Kardashian has a fairly minimalist and neutral style in her daily life that is reflected in her home, offices, private jet, and even the staff that help her.

In this sense, the creator of Skims recently revealed that she has a manual for her work team, which has a rule related to her clothing.

Kim Kardashian explained the dress code of her work staff

In her reality show, as well as in the photos and videos that the socialite shares on her social networks, the great work team that collaborates with her rarely appears.

However, people who have the opportunity to see his offices and home up close do not go unnoticed by the peculiar way in which his staff is dressed, as happened with the radio host Angie Martinez.

On December 26, 2022, Martinez posted the interview he had with Kim K on his ‘In Real Life’ podcast, in which he asked if it was intentional for his staff to wear color coordinating.

“Absolutely. I have uniforms,” Kim replied.

The 42-year-old businesswoman explained that she does not really provide her employees with a uniform, but instead gives them a manual detailing the color palette they can use in their work clothes.

“I have a manual. [Colores] Gray, Heather Gray, Black, Navy, White, Cream, Khaki [están permitidos]… I mean, we can keep all the neutrals.”

This dress code began in her home where the minimalist style and neutral tones, especially cream color, are the stars.

According to Kardashian, when she proposed to her staff to also appropriate this style in her way of dressing, her proposal was well received.

“My house is so zen, so I asked how everyone felt about it and they said, ‘That would make our lives so easy.’ Once everyone was on board and they thought it would be easier for them, I said ‘Yeah, come on. do this'”.

Although this dress code is stipulated in a manual, Kim humorously expressed that she is not completely closed to her staff wearing other colors on special occasions.

“I should have a free dress day on their birthdays or something,” she said with a laugh.

Why does Kim Kardashian like neutral colors and minimalist style?

For years now, Kim’s home, workspaces (such as her critically-reviewed new SKNN office) and even products from her various brands have distinguished themselves by having a palette of neutral tones and a minimalist style due to the calm and tranquility it brings. they provide.

“I find that there is so much chaos in the world, that when I get home I want to be very calm and I want everything to feel calm,” she said in an interview for ‘Vogue’, on February 18, 2022.

Kardashian explained in this interview that her children have the freedom to express their own style and taste in their rooms, but in the common rooms, cream color and minimal decoration prevails.

“In the main house I really like the tranquility. And surprisingly, four children have not spoiled my cream house.

What do you think of the dress code that Kim Kardashian’s staff must follow? Do you think it really is a way to simplify their lives?