Kim Kardashian made luxurious camping for her daughter, with a private plane

The relationship that the businesswoman maintains with her eldest daughter has always been one of the most striking in the family, especially since North has been involved in the family business and with her mother’s tastes for fashion and photography. Even recently, the celebrity assured that her first daughter was in charge of doing a photo session that she published on her Instagram profile.

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The creator of ‘Skims’ published some photographs where she could be seen as a complete Barbie, as she completely wore a pink outfit and posed in a litter of that same color. Photos that were taken by her daughter, as she herself expressed it in the description of the carousel: “Photos made by North”. With this act they demonstrated once again that the relationship they both maintain is adorable, although like all mother and daughter, they have had some dislikes that in their case have been made public, as happened when North showed the businesswoman’s house without permission on a TikTok.

Recently, the spoiled Kim turned 9 years old and her mother wanted to celebrate it in a big way, first she had a small party with her cousins ​​and some friends that had an anime decoration theme. However, very much in the style of the Kardashians, the businesswoman could not keep that little party and has organized a whole camp for her eldest daughter to share with her friends, in which they arrived at the place in the businesswoman’s private plane .

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Through her social networks, the socialite was in charge of sharing some photos and videos of the celebration that took place in a desert where her daughter and her friends shared a sleepover and extreme activities. In addition, the businesswoman gave details of the celebration during her interview on ‘The Tonight Show’: “We took eight girls and went camping in the desert. She wanted it to be really creepy, she wanted like these mannequin heads,” she commented.

The millionaire even hired a person to give a make-up class to her daughter and the guests, where they were taught how to do special effects, wounds and scars”, completed Kim, who also spoke of the hobby that her little girl has by the Disney movie ‘Charm’, so much so that North, at his young age, knows it perfectly in 8 languages, and he spends the whole day singing it, something that has made his mother no longer like the idea of ​​the song ‘No one speaks of Bruno’.

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“He knows ‘Don’t talk about Bruno’, in eight languages. And when I was at the Met Gala and I saw Lin, I told her: ‘I love you and I hate you, I can’t listen to this song one more time in my home,’ the businesswoman confessed while Jimmy Fallon showed a video in which North goes out in Kim’s car emotionally singing the lyrics of that song with one of her friends.

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