Kim Kardashian Rocks Another Iconic Marilyn Monroe Dress

    the past met gala, held early Monday morning at the Modern Museum of Contemporary Art in New York, has brought with it more than one controversy. And it is that beyond the curious encounter between Rosalía and Nicki Minaj, which led to a multitude of memes, the true jewel of the night was provided kim kardashian. The businesswoman, already accustomed to being one of the sublime protagonists of the evening year after year, went to the appointment dressed in an elegant dress that in the past belonged to Marilyn Monroe. Specifically, a museum piece that the actress wore in 1962 during her famous interpretation of ‘Happy Birthday’ to President JF Kennedy. Although what is truly controversial about the matter is not that she had taken a piece of it out of her display case to take it with her, but that in order to enter it lost seven kilos in three weeks. An ‘in extremis’ achievement that she proudly recounted on the event’s red carpet and that, my friend, is not a healthy diet.

    Now, completely oblivious to the barrage of criticism received at the Met Gala, the businesswoman and daughter of Kris Jenner has returned to wearing a Monroe dress. An second look that she herself teaches on her social networks and that also has a history. It is a sophisticated piece of green sequins and signed by the designer Norman Norell that, as we can see in the photos of Kardashian, has changed greatly since Monroe wore it more than 60 years ago.

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    The story behind Marilyn’s second dress

    If the first ‘look’, which she wore on the stairs of the Met Gala to later change for a faithful copy inside the museum so as not to damage it, belonged to the ‘Happy Birthday’ moment, this second ‘outfit’ was the wardrobe of Monroe for the 1962 Golden Globes. At that ceremony she won the Henrietta award, which was the public’s recognition of the previous year’s favorite performer. Kim also took home the award, which coincidentally now belonged to her florist Jeff Leatham:

    “I saw this coincidence as a sign that all the stars aligned. Being able to channel my inner Marilyn in this way will always be one of the greatest privileges of my life. Thank you Julien Auction House and Jeff for helping me achieve this milestone.”

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    According to the text that accompanies the photo gallery, this second historical dress she also wore it during the night of the Met Gala, possibly during his attendance at a later private event of which, until now, we have had no photos. Be that as it may, Kim’s movements never leave anyone indifferent.

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