Kim Kardashian talks about co-parenting her children with Kanye West – El Sol de México

the rapper Kanye West has given a lot to talk about in recent months for its antisemitic comments that have cost him criticism and even the suspension of his accounts in social mediabut his ex-wife kim kardashianhad stayed in silence.

The also model recently reached an agreement with West, who now calls herself Ye, after their divorce, so they share the upbringing of the four children they have together, which has been very difficult for her.

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During an interview in a podcastthe rapper angie martinezfrom the series “Angie Martinez IRL”, questioned how living together has been, to which the Kardashian replied that “it’s difficult. It really is devilishly difficult.”

The businesswoman did not specify if Ye has aggressive behaviorbut he stressed that what he tries is that he does everything possible to give his children the best memories, especially during their childhood.

“I had the best father (died in 2003), I had the best memories and the best experience and that is all I want for my children. That is what I would want for them,” she said through tears.

Although he did not reference comments that have already caused West to cancel contracts with large companies, kim kardashian assured that he does everything possible to keep his children away from the media focus.

“I try not to keep (their children) aware of the Wes’s recent behavior”, for this, he limited his access to television, social networks and talks with his teachers.

“If they don’t know the things that are talked about or what happens in the world, why would I transmit that energy to them? They are matters very much for Adultswho are not ready to drive,” Kardashian said.

What are Kanye West’s comments?

Rapper Kanye West has been embroiled in several controversies in recent months over his anti-Semitic comments.

In December his Twitter account was canceled for Elon Muskthe current owner of the social network, after the rapper posted an image on his profile of what looked like a swastika fused with a star of David.

The suspension came after West praised Adolph Hitler in an interview published on the far-right blog “Infowars”, in which denied the existence of the Holocaust and made anti-Semitic comments.

He later declared in this regard, assuring that he is “together with the Jewish community” and asked that “the terrible violence and hateful rhetoric towards them end immediately,” according to CNN.

Kardashian and West reached a divorce agreementwhere West must pay $200,000 a month for child support and they will share custody of their four children.