Kim Kardashian would have returned the mythical dress of Marilyn Monroe damaged

While on May 2, Kim Kardashian appeared at the MET Gala in the dress worn by Marilyn Monroe in 1962 during her famous “Happy birthday Mr. President” addressed to John Fitzgerald Kennedy, the businesswoman would have deteriorated this iconic piece.

An unconscious loan. The 41-year-old influencer and businesswoman has, according to several photographs, damaged the dress that was lent to her by the Ripley’s belive it or not museum, especially for this charity evening. This was explained by collector Scott Fortner on the American channel Sky News, for whom this loan was “irresponsible”, specifying that “it’s not just a dress”.

The cause of his anger? The fabric of this mythical piece would have been relaxed, even torn and several crystals would be missing.

For the record, this piece was worn by Marilyn Monroe in 1962 during her famous “Happy Birthday Mr President” sung on the occasion of JFK’s 45th birthday.

Irreparable damage”

Far from wanting to overwhelm Kim Kardashian, specifies the expert, he believes on the other hand that this tight-fitting piece adorned with 6,000 crystals and hand-sewn by the costume designer Jean Louis, should indeed never have been lent but should be preserved at all costs. Especially when we know that it remains to this day the dress having been sold the most expensive at auction, for a sum of 4.8 million dollars, in 2016, by the house Julien’s Auctions.

“I think the disappointment I feel is that Ripley made several statements that he was doing everything he could to protect and preserve the dress.” A dress that in her view “should have been archived, preserved and taken care of” as it “is part of American history of an event that happened 60 years ago”. Because more than a garment, “it’s a cultural icon. He’s a political icon. He’s a Hollywood icon,” he insists. “It’s the most famous dress in the world.” But the damage is done, and he considers the damage to be “irreparable”.

For her part, Kim Kardashian, who lost several pounds, according to Elle magazine, to be able to put on this unique piece, declared herself on the networks “honored to wear the emblematic dress that Marilyn Monroe wore in 1962 to sing “Happy Birthday to President John F. Kennedy.

She also thanked Ripley’s Believe It or Not “for giving (him) the opportunity to present this evocative piece of fashion history for the first time since the late Marilyn Monroe wore it”. The first and certainly the last time.