Kim Kardashian’s children will debut as dubbing actors in the new ‘Paw Patrol’ movie – Diario La Página

The two eldest children of Kim Kardashian, the result of her tumultuous marriage with the rapper Kanye West, will be released very soon as voice actors in the new film of ‘Paw Patrol’, the cartoons that have become a phenomenon of masses among the children’s public. North and Saint West, nine and seven years old, respectively, will thus join her famous mother, who already participated in the first installment of the saga, released in 2021, in a cast full of celebrities.

As reported by the news portal Deadline, the ex-couple’s eldest daughter will play one of the central characters in the new plot, the brand new signing of the team of rescue dogs. She has not yet revealed the role that Saint will play, although her participation is expected to be limited to a mere cameo. Other prominent names in the new production are Kristen Bell and, even more striking, Serena Williams, the tennis star who announced her final retirement from the courts last September.

Kim Kardashian’s children will debut as dubbing actors in the new ‘Paw Patrol’ movie – Diario La Página

The successful franchise celebrates no less than ten years on the small and on the big screen, a reason for celebration for those responsible for a brand that remains in top shape and that, surely, will continue to conquer the hearts of the next generations of children. “We continue to expand the universe of ‘Paw Patrol’ and we will follow the pups on their powerful adventures, exploring all their personal stories,” said Ramsey Naito, president of Nickelodeon’s animation division, dependent on the multinational Paramount.

Paw Patrol: The Movie from Paramount Pictures arrives this Friday, August 20 - DON'T PEEL IT!

“With this display of vocal talent and dynamism, we will bring a new level of excitement to film. We know that the sequel will not only provide an equally great plot, but a cast of world-renowned actors, “he added about a cast that, in addition to Kim Kardashian and her offspring, also includes Taraji P. Henson, Marsai Martin and James Marden, among others.