Kim Kardashian’s ex says the intimate video was leaked by her

The rapper Ray J came out to talk about the controversial sex video that he starred in years ago with Kim Kardashian and that meant the rise of fame of the socialite; and he assured that the leak was not accidental, on the contrary, it was armed by the couple and the matriarch Kris Jenner and became a real business for the family of millionaires.

The statements of the singer and actor come after the possibility of showing a second part of the sex video with which she rose to fame slipped into the new program of the Kardashians for Hulu. In the episode, the reality star appears crying and distressed at the possibility of a new leak, after her ex-partner Kanye West recovered a bag with Ray J’s computer with unpublished erotic content.

In order to defend his image, Ray J came out to tell his truth and in dialogue with the Daily Mail he released: “I have never leaked a sex video in my life. It was always a deal and an association between Kris Jenner, Kim and me, And we’ve been partners from the beginning of this.”

“That’s how it all came about. Once I raised the idea with her, that’s when she accepted the idea, talked to her mother and since then it has been out of my hands,” said the artist and indicated that the material was never really in her possession. can.

“I have never had a tape in my possession in the entire duration of our relationship,” said Ray J. “Kim has always had all the tapes in a Nike shoe box under her bed,” he added. “She knows there’s nothing else. I don’t have a tape to leak. I never leaked one. I don’t have a plan to ruin them (…). This is all a lie. Since the beginning of the sex tape, this has been the lie largest in the entertainment industry,” he concluded.