Kim Kardshian: her ex, Ray J, makes explosive revelations about the sextape

Its truth. In an exclusive interview with the British site DailyMail, singer Ray J chose to reveal the existence of the contract that binds him to Kim Kardashian and her mother, Kris Jenner, about the famous sex tape unveiled in 2007.

Furious to see Kim Kardashian publicly accuse him of threatening to upload a second video of their antics on her reality show, and more recently to hear his ex-girlfriend suggest on air that he was in possession of a video showing him penetrating her with a sex toy while she slept – which he claims is totally false in addition to making him look like a rapist – Ray J wanted to set the record straight in this explosive interview.

According to him, he was never behind the ‘leak’ of their 2007 sextape – shot in 2002 on his birthday when they were 21 – the release of which was orchestrated after he suggested the young woman to put it online. Ray J explains that he made this proposal after seeing how Paris Hilton’s notoriety exploded after the release of her own sextape with Rick Salomon. Kim Kardashian, who has always denied having played a role in the release of the video, would have gone to speak to her mother, Kris Jenner, who would have approached the production company Vivid Entertainment to organize the “leak” on the Internet.

Ray J explains that from that moment, he had lost control of what followed. He and Kim Kardashian are said to have signed an official contract for three videos, including two sextapes, the first filmed in a hotel in Mexico, and another shot in Santa Barbara. The singer specifies that he has never been in possession of videos.

“She had kept everything, it was she who had to find the video shot in Mexico to give them. (…) I have never had a video at home. Unlike her. She always kept the tapes in a shoebox that she put under her bed. (…) After I suggested the idea of ​​releasing the video to her, without being really serious, she jumped at the idea, told her mother about it, and it all slipped away from me from there. says the musician.

Don’t live a lie anymore

Contractually, Ray J was therefore unable to reveal this whole story, and he now expects repercussions after his revelations. Why reveal everything now? Because Ray J is now a father – of a girl and a boy – and he can’t bear to see his name associated with what he says is a lie that’s gone on too long, and which only tarnishes its image.

“I had suicidal thoughts because when you know the truth and see a family building an empire out of a lie they themselves created, it breaks your heart and it’s a lack of respect for all artists who fight while remaining honest with their work,” he continues.

Ray J insists he never threatened Kim Kardashian with releasing a second sex tape, simply because – and she knows this, he insists – he was never in possession of the videos. He clarifies that, in the episode of their reality show where Kanye West returns with a hard drive supposedly containing sensitive videos that Ray J used to extort money from Kim Kardashian, the reality was in fact very different. The only thing the files contained were a few photos from when they were a couple, short videos, and exchanges of personal messages. A correspondence that had continued long after their separation.

“I proved to Kanye West that I was never the enemy in this story. That I was not the person they said I was, “explains the singer, who claims to have been happy to give all this to Kanye West if it reassured Kim Kardashian.

happy to tell the truth

Ray J also reveals some of these exchanges with Kim Kardashian, after he discovered this story of the threat of a second sex tape that the young woman of 41 years would be afraid to see leaked and that it would traumatize her children. A conversation that clearly failed to calm the feeling of injustice felt by the musician. “I asked him in a private message, how do I explain to my own daughter that this is all a lie. If you care about your family, what about mine? If they hadn’t answered me by showing me how stingy and complacent they are, I would never have had the energy or the desire to make these revelations, ”he says.

“Now that I’m a father, it pains me to think that my daughter will grow up in a world thinking her father isn’t who he really is. You can’t buy me off and apologize for everything that’s been done. You have to be honest with yourself at some point. I don’t need excuses – I have proof,” continues Ray J.

“I just want my daughter and my son to appreciate what I have done on this Earth and to know that their father does not encourage the exploitation of women, the disrespect towards women, and does not allow himself not to reveal videos of a person without his authorization. (…) I cannot continue to live with this lie. This morning I woke up and I was like, ‘You know what? For the rest of my life, I will live with my truth, and not the lie created by Kris Jenner and Kim. I will never let them do that to me again,” he concluded.