Kimberly Flores was the one who supported her family in a pandemic

It seems that the family of Edwin Luna and Kimberly Flores They went through some pretty tough times along the way. coronavirus pandemicsince the singer from Monterrey had to take a break from the stage due to the restrictions imposed by the health authorities in the country.

However, the famous Guatemalan model recently confessed that it was she who was in charge of supporting her family since the beginning of the emergency situation around the world because of the covid-19 virus, especially since her husband was prohibited from appearing anywhere.

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During an exclusive interview that she gave to the program ‘La Mesa Caliente’, the also businesswoman was in charge of shutting up mouths after assuring that she is not a kept womangiven that she was responsible for bringing little money to her home since the pandemic was announced.

Let’s remember that a few days ago, the leader and vocalist of The Trakalosa of Monterrey He confessed in a podcast that he had to sell a large part of his instruments and band trucks in order to pay his team a decent salary in those difficult times.

It is for this reason that Kimberly Flores made the decision to get her act together to bring food to her home, so she began to have more presence on social media to have a stable income to their wallets to be able to make ends meet.

“My husband stopped singing for a long time. It was when I said ‘well, you’re not singing, now it’s my turn’, I started to sell things online, I started to move as an influencerI started working with brands, then I started to move in many places”, explained the former member of ‘La Casa de los Famosos’.

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Due to the difficult economic situation they were experiencing, the internet celebrity supported her husband and began to provide for her family thanks to digital platforms, which led her to gain considerable popularity on Tik Tok, where she already has more of 4 million followers.

The pandemic taught me that you can be your husband’s complementto say you are not going to be snapping your fingers alone, but I am going to stand next to you (…) I started to record from home and see what else we did, we started stronger on Tik Tok, ”he added.

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