Kimberly Loaiza and her partner are ridiculed for posting a false photo

The success that Juan de Dios Pantoja has had as a singer has been something that has impressed his followers, because at first there was little faith they had in him, calling him an influencer wanting to enter music.

However, the Mexican left those who criticized him speechless and showed them that he was even much better as a singer than as a content creator, in fact, he decided to move away from recording videos for his YouTube channel because, although sometimes and suddenly he appears in the videos of his wife Kimberly Loaiza, for him being an “influencer” seems to be in the past and his present is to be a musical artist.

Now, he lives an adventure with his family, because with Kimberly they have their 13.13 tour where they have toured Latin America accompanied by their little ones, even in the Chile Show they decided to take their first daughter, Kima, on stage for the first time, who made her debut on stage with his parents, having a special participation that undoubtedly moved his followers and made the whole place move with his presence.

And it is that, the resounding success that his concerts have had is no secret to anyone, but you also have to know not to abuse the talented and successful life, because recently that has been a bad move.

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Now, the Mexican is being the center of criticism and ridicule for wanting to deceive his followers with a photograph that, in the end, ended up being of another artist.

What happened was that JD Pantoja wanted to show off his emotion for the total sale of tickets in one of his next shows, it is the presentation in “Monterrey, Nuevo León”, where they apparently sold out in ticket sales.

To celebrate, he published a photo showing the venue completely full of people, but his fans realized that the photo did not correspond to one of his “shows” but to another artist, it is a presentation of the National Auditorium that did the pop duo Ha*Ash, a few months ago.

“Juan de Dios Pantoja appeared in Monterrey and uploaded a supposed photo of his audience to his Instagram stories with the phrase “‘Sold out’ Monterrey” but the photo he uploaded belongs to the HaAsh audience, in the national auditorium”, one Twitter user commented. However, the influencer quickly responded with a hint on his social networks.

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“Did you know that we already traveled in time?”, He published in a ‘tweet’ and it is that his faithful followers quickly came to the defense and said that the photo was simply an image that alluded to how his show will be seen soon, Well, in reality, his presentation at said Auditorium will take place on June 3, 2022, with his 13.13 tour.

Although many commented that it was not necessary to use the success of other singers, because he could have used an image of one of his concerts where you could see the place full of people.

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