Kimberly Loaiza with Kima | The best moments with her children and Juan de Dios Pantoja

Kimberly Loaiza is one of the best-known Mexican influencers (she has more than 33 million followers on Instagram) and despite having a very busy life, she makes time to share unforgettable moments with the two children she had with Juan de God Pantoja.

Kima is the name of the girl who was born two years ago and together with her Loaiza carries out super fun activities, such as making homemade slime, the most popular game of the moment. House parties, walks and even swimming with dolphins are other things that mother and daughter share.

Juan is the couple’s second heir, who turned a year old a few weeks ago. With his arrival, the family seems to have been completed and together they already made a cruise at Disney, where they spent four nights.

In addition, in the last Halloween celebration, everyone got together to choose the best costumes and go out looking for candy in their neighborhood. The youngest of the clan dressed as a chick, in accordance with the other animal characters chosen by the singers.

Kimberly revealed on her Instagram account that she feels “very happy being a mother of two” even though it is often not easy. In addition, he asked his followers to celebrate every moment, to finish by assuring: “I am very grateful to have the life I have”.