Kimberly Loiza said that she has a problem with the skin on her face

Kimberly Loaiza shares all the details of her life with her fans and true to her style, the Mexican now revealed that the skin on her face suffered from some conditions that caused her concern.

In her social networks, the wife of Juan de Dios Pantoja said: “I’m a little sad, I don’t know lately my facial skin is undergoing many changes” and I add: “I don’t know why, right now I have a family of pimples here.”

Regarding this rash, the Mexican said that she had not had acne even in her adolescence and that is why she did not understand what was happening now that she is already an adult woman. However, her followers, who call her the “older cutie”, encouraged her not to worry too much about her because they will surely disappear from her soon.

In addition, other users expressed that sometimes the skin is the part of the body through which the result of stress or fatigue is expressed and taking into account that the singer is very busy with her musical tour, her clothing brand and events you attend, you probably need to rest a bit.

It is known that the fans of the also influencer flatter her physical appearance and specifically her face, which for many of them “it was carved by the gods themselves”as they claim.