King Charles III appears in public for the first time

Prince Harry’s revelations have dominated the headlines for days. The British royal family is silent – Charles III. just smile away at the problems.

Actually, Prince Harry’s memoirs should not be published until Tuesday. But just a few days before the start of sales, the first details from his autobiography “Spare” (German title: “Reserve”) leaked out because a bookshop in Spain had already sold the work by mistake.

Prince Harry's autobiography will be released on Tuesday "Save".
Prince Harry’s autobiography “Spare” will be released on Tuesday. (Source: IMAGO/PPE)

In “Spare”, for example, according to media reports, Prince Harry describes his brother as his “archenemy” and describes how William is said to have pushed him to the ground after a dispute in 2019. The 38-year-old also apparently accused his father Charles of being concerned he would be “overshadowed” by Duchess Meghan’s glamor.

While Prince Harry’s memoirs have dominated the headlines for days, the British royal family is silent. Neither Prince William nor King Charles III. have commented on the memoirs so far. The Royals have also not appeared in public in the past few days. Until now.

King Charles III shows up at the service

King Charles III showed up on Sunday morning. for the first time back to the people. The 74-year-old attended a service at St. Lawrence’s Church in Norfolk. He appeared in front of the people present in a cognac-colored coat and a pink patterned tie.

King Charles III  talks to waiting fans.
King Charles III talks to waiting fans. (Source: IMAGO/Paul Marriott)

The British monarch was in a good mood with a smile on his face. As the British daily newspapers “The Mirror” and “The Sun” report, Charles is said to have talked to the waiting fans on site. However, the king did not say a word about the revelations of his youngest son.

Harry is said to have no further role in the coronation

It’s not the first time the prince has opened up about the British royal family. In December, Netflix released a multi-part documentary in which Harry and his wife Meghan talk about their time in the UK. Even then, the Royal Family did not comment on the couple’s allegations.

As the “Sunday Times” now reports, the revelations should have consequences for Prince Harry. So he should no longer play a role in his father’s coronation in May. King Charles apparently does not want the dukes to kneel before him at the coronation ceremony. Instead, according to the report, only heir to the throne Prince William will follow this tradition at the ceremony.