King Charles III banished Prince Andrew from Buckingham Palace

Changes are to come in the British royal family: King Charles III. wants to banish his brother Prince Andrew from the walls of the palace.

Shortly after the death of Queen Elizabeth II, there were numerous reports that the new King Charles III. could change the royal house. There is talk that the 74-year-old could slim down the monarchy. Does this reform now also apply to Prince Andrew?

From now on, the king’s brother is not allowed to use Buckingham Palace either as a residence or as an office, as “The Sun” reports. This should also mean that his employees are about to be laid off. “Any attendance at the palace is officially over,” says a source.

“He’s on his own”

“The king has made it clear. He’s not a working royal. He’s on his own,” the insider tells the British medium.

The 62-year-old has stepped down from royal duties in the wake of the scandal surrounding his ties to the late sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. Apparently, further demotions are now to follow within the Royal Family.

A few days earlier, the Court announced that Andrew’s title as Colonel in the Grenadier Guards would be transferred to King’s wife Camilla. In addition, “The Sun” claims to have found out that the Home Office canceled the Royal’s armed security service this month. This is said to have cost three million pounds a year, the equivalent of around 3.4 million euros.