King Charles III between the chairs – who will win the “title fight”?

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From: Annemarie Goebbel


King Charles III wanted to streamline the monarchy and promote those high in the line of succession. Princess Charlotte was to become the Duchess of Edinburgh instead of Prince Edward. However, a change of heart by King Charles changes the situation.

LONDON – On the day of Prince Edward’s (58) marriage to Sophie Rhys-Jones (58) in 1999, it was announced that he would become Earl of Wessex – and that he would become the future Duke of Edinburgh. At the time, the title was awarded to Prince Philip (99, † 2021). But when the eternal prince consort died, the title initially went to his grave with him. Almost a year and a half later, Queen Elizabeth II (96, † 2022) and heir to the throne, King Charles III, followed. (74) announce great changes. This messed up the title roulette a bit.

Will Prince Edward be given the title Duke of Edinburgh after all?

Even after the death of the Queen of the Century, the title of the Duchy of Edinburgh remained strapless in the possession of the crown. Apparently, the monarch has now had enough time to think about his future plans and the wishes of his late mother. Because instead of leaving the title to his granddaughter Princess Charlotte, as announced when the monarchy was slimmed down, reports the Mail On Sunday, Charles wanted to make Edward Duke of Edinburgh. Alternatively, it could also be that the king would demand that Edward’s title be returned to the crown. In other words: Edward’s heirs would get nothing.

King Charles III  between the chairs – who will win the “title fight”?
Who will get his late father Prince Philip’s title? His granddaughter Charlotte, or his brother Prince Edward (photomontage). © David Parry/dpa & Kate Green/dpa & Joe Giddens/dpa

According to the Sunday newspaper, it would be a “slap in the face” for Edward, who has been awaiting the title for more or less 24 years, if he does not receive the title he was promised on his wedding day. Ever since Charles announced his intention to streamline the monarchy and give the title to members most senior in line to the throne, like Charlotte, Edward may not have been particularly fond of his royal brother. The Queen’s youngest Windsor offspring can now breathe a sigh of relief. Let Charles III. is the only daughter of Princess Kate (41) and Prince William (40) standing in the rain without a title?

Where does the title of Princess Royal come from

The title was first introduced around 1600, based on the French royal title Madame Royale. There have been seven holders of the title so far. The title was created in 1642 by Charles I of England for his daughter Maria because his wife Henrietta Maria (1609–1669), daughter of Henry IV of France, took the title of eldest daughter of the King of France, madame royale, wanted to imitate.

After the death of Princess Mary in 1965, who had borne the title since 1932, Princess Anne, the only daughter of the then reigning Queen Elizabeth II, became a potential princess royal. She finally received the title in 1987 through a Letters patent. Since the current monarch, her brother Charles III, has no daughter, upon Anne’s death the next possible holder of the title would theoretically be Charlotte of Wales once her father Prince William became king.

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Princess Charlotte could become the new Princess Royal instead of the Duchess of Edinburgh

But no. Because grandfather Charles has also come up with something for the third in line to the throne. It looks like Charlotte could be bestowed the title of Princess Royal. But only when her father Prince William (40) becomes king, as this title is traditionally given to the eldest daughter of the monarch. The current Princess Royal is the only daughter of the late Queen, Princess Anne (72), who has held the title since 1987. However, since the title is for life, it cannot be passed on to Charlotte until after Princess Anne’s death.

At the latest for the coronation of Charles III. on May 6th all title questions should be clarified. It was not a matter of course that Camilla (75) would be crowned Queen alongside Charles. But instead of turning the orb into a bone of contention, Camilla and Charles will leave Westminster Abbey as king and queen. Sources used:,, Mail on Sunday