King Charles lures son Harry to coronation

On May 6th the time has come. After 70 years, Great Britain crowns its new monarch, King Charles III (74). Of course, his people and his family are there. And his problem son, Prince Harry (38), should also be there on the biggest day of his life. He should now be persuaded to come.

There can no longer be any question of harmony in the British royal family. Because in the joint Netflix documentary with his wife Meghan (41) and his explosive biography, which appeared in January, Harry didn’t leave the royal family with good hair. He had made serious allegations against the palace and his family members in “Reserve”.

Prince Charles knows that if Prince Harry doesn’t attend his coronation, his absence could do far more harm than his presence. She would be far too distracting.

According to the Mail on Sunday, he has asked none other than England’s spiritual leader to prevent this damage. The plan is to incentivize Harry so he can’t help but not show up.

In addition, Charles would like to assure his son Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan of a top-class seat in London’s Westminster Abbey

William against the presence of Brother Harry

Heir to the throne Prince William (40) is said to be anything but enthusiastic about the idea of ​​inviting Harry. His concern is that Harry could use the coronation to stage a “stunt” that would overshadow the event.

Therefore, for William: If Harry and Meghan really come, every point of their participation in the coronation must be precisely planned and followed.