King Charles seeks attendees for coronation ceremony

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King Charles seeks attendees for coronation ceremony
King Charles III of Great Britain stands during a luncheon for recipients of the Order of Merit at Buckingham Palace. For him, the coronation is in May. © Aaron Chown/Pool PA/AP/dpa

Who can witness and shape the coronation of Charles on May 6th? Interested parties can apply, but they must meet certain requirements.

London – The British King Charles III. (74) has called on his subjects to apply for ceremonial roles at his coronation ceremony on May 6th. Interested parties can register by e-mail until February 3rd in order to be able to witness the rare spectacle up close.

A prerequisite for a successful application, however, is that the applicant can prove a connection with a person who was previously responsible for these tasks at the coronation of Elizabeth II in 1953, for example as a descendant or successor in office.

The Cabinet Office, the central government agency, announced on Thursday that a special office had been set up to examine the applications. Among other things, it is also checked whether the ceremonial task still has a basis today and the relationship between the applicant and previous participants.

Rooted in tradition

As reported by The Telegraph newspaper, it involves duties such as wearing ceremonial items such as the royal regalia presented to the king at the coronation or a canopy over his head.

According to the Cabinet Office, King Charles specifically wanted the coronation “rooted in tradition but reflective of the present”. The custom of accepting applications for ceremonial roles at the coronation dates back to 1377, according to the Telegraph report.

According to the newspaper, which is always well-informed on royal matters, Charles has now given up on the idea of ​​holding a thrifty coronation ceremony. Instead, he wanted a one-of-a-kind spectacle with “glorious” pomp and pomp. dpa