Kiss in the neck of Marc Lavoine: Léa (Star Academy) comes out of silence and defends the singer

In a video shared on YouTube, Léa, the former Star Academy participant, returned to the controversy that arose following her duet with Marc Lavoine on the set of the show. She once again defended the singer.

It was the highlight of the bonus of the star Academy of November 19, 2022. Marc Lavoine was present on the telecrochet set to share a duet with Léa. Together they performed I have forgotten everything. Just before the beginning of the song, Léa had to face a technical problem which had made her lose her means. The singer then wanted to reassure her and did not hesitate to kiss her on the neck. A gesture that had been denounced by many netizens. More than a month after the events, the young singer did not hesitate to take, once again, the defense of Marc Lavoine. She assured, in a video shared on YouTube, to have very much appreciated the almost paternal behavior of the artist towards her.

I see him as a super endearing, super cute dad. I didn’t take it the wrong way at all“, she assured at first before adding that he had been very supportive with her, whether on stage or behind the scenes. “During rehearsals, he was super benevolent. When he left, he introduced his children to me. I thanked him because in the end I was not named. I gave him a big hug. That was really super benevolent, daddy. No weird stuff at all.” This is not the first time that Léa has come to the aid of Marc Lavoine and defended him.

Léa had already defended Marc Lavoine

Wednesday November 23, exclusively for Tele-Leisure, Léa had already spoken to contradict the comments made by Internet users, concerning this famous kiss on the neck. “I experienced it very well because Marc Lavoine is benevolent. During rehearsals, he reassured me enormously. (…) I loved singing alongside him and I remember my evolution. If I compare this performance with the one I did with Amir, I realize that I have more self-confidence..”