Kiss video by Peter Klein and Yvonne Woelke: Now daughter Jenny Frankhauser speaks

Emergency doctor on Wednesday afternoon at Jenny Frankhauser. Scary scenes are said to have happened to Daniela Katzenberger’s sister. Because: Mother Iris Klein flew to Germany after the allegations of cheating to recover with Jenny.

A spokesman for the ADAC air rescue service to “Bild” confirms an operation: “After landing, the helicopter emergency doctor carried out emergency medical care.” The patient was taken to the hospital by “ambulance – accompanied by the helicopter emergency doctor”. Iris Klein is said to still be in the clinic.

Iris Klein is said to have been treated by the emergency doctor

Big concerns about Iris Klein. She didn’t want to be home when Peter arrived in Mallorca. He was the jungle camp companion of son-in-law Lucas Cordalis. For her it is clear: the marriage has failed, she wants a divorce.

Does a video show Peter Klein and Yvonne Woelke kissing?

Peter Klein, on the other hand, denies having had an affair with Yvonne Woelke in Australia. A video that has appeared on the Internet could cause a stir again.

Ad for the provider TikTok denied via the consent provider

A kiss between Peter Klein and Yvonne Woelke could be seen on the blurred images.

Happy: Lucas Cordalis with wife Daniela Katzenberger and parents-in-law Iris and Peter Klein shortly before the birth of daughter Sophia in August 2015

Marriage drama and allegations of cheating on Iris Klein: Now Lucas mediates …


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Peter Klein is said to have cheated on his wife Iris.  Julian FM Stoeckel jumps to the side of Daniela Katzenberger's stepfather.

Affair drama about Katzenberger mom: jungle star Julian FM


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Jenny Frankhauser no longer believes in saving her parents’ marriage

On Instagram, Jenny Frankhauser is asked about this video by fans. Iris Klein’s daughter first explained: “I’m trying to mediate and can’t just stay out of it. I still firmly believe in my mother and Peter and that everything will be fine again. There are so many allegations in the room, so much looks worse than it really was. And yes, there sure was a mess. But I don’t think he cheated!!! He loves my mom more than anything and I really hope that she speaks out and everything will be alright.”

But a few hours later she changes her mind and also believes that Peter has cheated. “After the last pictures that I just got sent, I take everything back.” It’s like a nightmare come true.”

How is Iris Klein?

And what does Jenny Frankhauser say about her mother’s condition? On Thursday she writes on Instagram: “Not good at all. I don’t want to say more about it.” Daniela Katzenberger’s sister also does not want to comment on the emergency doctor’s mission on Wednesday.

Singer Lucas Cordalis and Daniela Katzenberger have been married since 2016

Lucas Cordalis: Does he have to confess something to Daniela Katzenberger?


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Is Daniela Katzenberger’s marriage also in crisis?

Jungle camper Gigi Birofio also blurted out Lucas Cordalis in the “t-online” interview: “I hope he also addresses a lot of things at home, because he once told me he doesn’t address a lot of things in the relationship to maintain the relationship.” The reality star then even follows: “A relationship is there to support each other in the event of mistakes.”

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