Kisses and hugs: Beatrice Egli greeted Andreas Gabalier so stormily

Beatrice Egli (33) is one of the big stars of the hit scene. Since last Saturday, the always cheerful Swiss has her own music show.
The 33-year-old, who won the tenth season of the RTL show “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”, welcomed Semino Rossi (59), Francine Jordi (44), Stefan Mross (46) and Kerstin Ott (40) in Berlin. One could not be missing in all the good mood: the Styrian folk rock ‘n’ roller Andreas Gabalier (37) – for him there was an exuberant reception with a hug and “kiss” from Beatrice, who was beaming from ear to ear – and his new single “A New Beginning”.
Egli could hardly hold on to Gabalier’s performance and stormed at her star guest with the words “You’re here!” Come on. Gabalier is currently working on his new album and had taken extra time for the show, which may have been the main reason for Egli’s leaps of joy. And then the Grazer, who was born in Friesach, sang his hit “Hulapalu” – the audience hadn’t stayed in their seats for a long time and applauded a visibly cheerful and relaxed Gabalier.
Rossi, Jordi and all the other pop stars came on stage clapping and Egli said goodbye to their guests: “I enjoyed this evening so much (…) Thank you my dear colleagues for your music, for your closeness and your stories.”