Kitzbühel charity race: On two skis: Andreas Gabalier drove away from DJ Ötzi

The “KitzCharityTrophy” is inextricably linked to the Hahnenkamm weekend. With the 24th edition, which took place on Saturday directly after the Hahnenkamm descent, 2020 was followed and celebrities waved down the finish slope of the Streif. Good news: This year, 200,000 euros were raised for mountain farming families in need in Tyrol and South Tyrol.

The longtime “target judge” Bernie Ecclestone was absent this year. He was “unfortunately prevented,” emphasized his representative Carmelo Ezpeleta. In the spirit of Ecclestone, however, he would conscientiously take on his task, he promised and went to the finish area to wave the obligatory and well-known flag there afterwards.

Ötzi in pause mode

It was up to Ezpeleta to officially release the race beforehand. After the necessary sentence “The race is open”, the first runner, DJ Ötzi, was already on his way and used his ride to let the showman hang out. Breaks on the slopes, various poses and sophisticated beginner’s snowplough technique served him as a means to do so. When the journey is complete, he humorously intones “Hey Baby”.

Gabalier in race mode

Andreas Gabalier cut a better figure from a skiing point of view with start number 43. Wearing leather pants and, as he later admitted, clearly hung over, he quickly crossed the finish line and started singing a “hodiodiodie” in a hoarse voice. At the “Weisswurstparty” on Friday at the “Stanglwirt” it “took a little longer,” he said in advance, almost as an apology for the unusually fragile vocal performance.

Commemoration of Lauda and Mateschitz

In addition to entertainment and fooling around, there were also quieter and even thoughtful and melancholic tones. Three deceased people who had supported, supported or shaped the “KitzCharityTrophy” in an important way were commemorated: Klaus Reisch, Niki Lauda and Dietrich “Didi” Mateschitz, whose son Mark was present.

The good cause

Overall, however, the focus was on the joy of skiing and, above all, the good cause. For the latter, other prominent people threw themselves down the piste, without claiming to be complete: Ex-Formula 1 driver Gerhard Berger, ex-ski greats Franz Klammer, Stephan Eberharter, Rainer Schönfelder, Harti Weirather and Hannes Reichelt. A TikTok star with around 150 million followers also raced straight towards the goal, exceptionally with Ski-Bob: Khaby Lame.