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A few days ago, Jenna Ortega, the star of “Merlina” told how important it was to portray this emblematic character of pop culture as a Latina, and it is necessary to remember that the 20-year-old actress has Latin ties in her blood, because her mother has Mexican and Puerto Rican roots, while her father is Mexican-American.

The young woman who began her career as a child actress, mentioned during an interview for the platform streaming that:

“Merlina is technically a Latino character and that has never been represented. So for me, anytime I get an opportunity to represent my community, I want that to be seen.”

In an interview for NME magazine, Jenna revealed that it’s not often that she gets the chance to play such an iconic character, however, “There were challenges along the way, but we wanted to make this an interesting new version. [del miércoles]”.

He also stressed that it was “wonderful to make her Hispanic. I think it was a great decision on Netflix’s part and I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to [devolverle algo a] young girls who look like me because it was definitely harder growing up [sin tantos modelos a seguir en la pantalla]”.

They accuse the series of

What were the Latin references used in the “Merlina” series?

A few days after its launch, “Merlina” already managed to unseat “Stranger Things” as the most watched series during the first week of its release. However, many of the fans have not been fully convinced by the plot, as various aspects have been questioned.

In some social networks, the audience has expressed their discontent as asking for the Tim Burton cancellation for allegedly being “racist” and reflect the villains of the series as people of African descent.

But that is not all, since there is another controversy that was triggered from the origin of the new The Addams family, where it is pointed out of “forced inclusion” for having Latin roots, Well, the centennials believe that this is new, because they originally stayed with the idea that the Addamses were not a Latino family.

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However, this is not true, since in the 1964 cartoon series, the father had the last name Gómez and, in this new version, from the first chapter the Mexican references are evident, since there is a part where Merlina is listening to “La Llorona”, a very emblematic of the Day of the Dead.

And it’s not the only thing, since it is also mentioned that Merlina’s father comes from Mexico, as Morticia Addams tells Merlina that Goody Addams (an ancestor of Gómez) was Mexican.

Also, there is a scene in which his Brother Pericles appears eating a tamarind banderilla, which is part of Mexican popular culture.

They accuse the series of

But the Mexican references are not the only thing that can be highlighted, since in the original comic, the family is said to have Spanish ancestry; Morticia offers “mate” to some people who visit her house.

According to the fans, in the black and white version, there is something very present about Merlina’s parents, since they danced Argentine tango, so history has always been full of references to Latin America.